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Botanical Intrigue

on April 15, 2013

Of course everyone loves African wildlife, and with good reason. The African continent hosts an exceptional biodiversity and some of the most impressive animal specimens in the world. The mighty African elephants, elegant impala, mischievous baboons; all them captivate our imagination and impress our senses, however, there are other organisms, all around us, that live interesting lives.

I, of course, talk about plants. They are fascinating organisms that interact with each other and with animals and lead dynamic lives. Unfortunately, they live their lives on a timescale that we find hard to perceive and so often we pass them off as inanimate objects.

In time, we will use this page to keep you informed about the interesting properties of common African plants as well as their practical, medicinal and cultural uses for humans. From tiny grass shoots, to towering and sprawling fig trees; the floral world is diverse and full of surprises.

We’ll keep you posted!



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