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Baby animals: How do they survive? Cheetah & Zebra

on May 9, 2013


Hi dear reader,


We’ve just been organising our website a bit better for your own convenience but your search engine might still be sending you here.


Click here for:  “How do baby Cheetah survive?
Or click here for: “How do baby Zebras survive?


If you want to read our other entries on “Baby Animals: How do they survive?” make sure you check out our “Series” page.

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2 responses to “Baby animals: How do they survive? Cheetah & Zebra

  1. Alison Jobling says:

    Interesting that the Honey Badger is so agressive: with a name like that, I’d have imagined it would be quite meek.

    • Wildlife TV says:

      Honey Badgers are known to be one of the most fearless animal in Africa.
      There are videos of them facing pretty much any predators, even a pride of lions.
      They have a cute name but it’s just an act, they are devious!


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