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on May 21, 2013

I’m sure we’ve all played with Google Maps if not just to check out our house. It’s great fun and an amazing technology to have access to.

But what if someone transformed Google Maps into a game?

Geoguessr did!

The rules are simple, you start with an image of anywhere in the world and you have to guess where you are by clicking the location on the map to your right. You can move around, search for landmarks such as vegetation type, wildlife, road signs, direction of cars on road, weather, anything!

When you’re happy with your selection, click “Make Guess” and it will tell you how far you are from the actual place and your points.

Each game has 5 rounds and at the end you’re given the total score and the option to share your results with your friends.

I must warm you, it is highly addictive!


Try it out!


So.. how much can you score?




6 responses to “Geoguessr

  1. I discovered this a couple of weeks ago and got hooked immediately. Some of the images make me wish I’d studied botany, because the plant life is often your best or only clue as to your whereabouts!

    • Wildlife TV says:

      You’re right.
      I often get “stuck” in the middle of forest and knowing the difference between tree species would help me a lot. Unfortunately sometimes they are covered with snow and whether I choose Canada or a Scandinavian country, my answer is always the wrong one..

  2. Jim Morrison says:

    Ahh, now that was fun. I ended up with spots from Alaska to Australia by way of Mexico. One look, my OCD kicked in and I was busy for a couple of hours. It was intricate and enjoyable.

    • Wildlife TV says:

      I had the same “problem” Jim, I got into my competition mode and I started playing like my life depended on it.
      I had to stop myself after a couple of hours or I would spent the entire night on it! 😀

  3. Wildlife TV says:

    My best result so far ; pretty happy with myself.

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