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Baby Animals: How do they survive? Chacma Baboon & Impala

on June 20, 2013


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Click here for: “How do baby Chacma Baboons survive?
Or click here for: “How do baby Impalas survive?


If you want to read our other entries on “Baby Animals: How do they survive?” make sure you check out our “Series” page.

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2 responses to “Baby Animals: How do they survive? Chacma Baboon & Impala


    Wow, incredible footage of the dogs and baboons. The kidnapping was quite disturbing, but that’s nature red in tooth and claw.

    • Wildlife TV says:

      It is a bit sad at first when you see the puppy being dragged away from his/her mother but then gets better when you see that when they get older they choose to stay with the baboon troop.
      I wonder if baboons also suffer from Stockholm syndrome..


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