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Photo Previews 11

on June 28, 2013

The African Savannah is full of amazing animals. Some in the air, some in the water, some on land and some underground, but all special in their own way.

Join us in another “Photo Previews” showing you a small sample of the fascinating creatures that you can see on an African Safari and don’t forget to check out the “Series” page for the entries you missed.



An angry hippo (Hippopotamus amphibius) threatening and showing teeth

An angry Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius) threatens whoever comes near its dam.

Adult male Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros)

A gorgeous male Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros)

Wild Leopard Tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis)

A Leopard Tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis), one of the Little 5

An adult Black-backed jackal (Canis mesomelas) sitting on the grass of the african savannah

A Black-backed jackal (Canis mesomelas) enjoys the sunlight.


Hope you liked them!
Até à próxima!



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2 responses to “Photo Previews 11

  1. Alison Jobling says:

    Absolutely stunning yet again, Sofia. 🙂 It’s hard to say which one is my favourite: the kudu is definitely gorgeous, but I have a soft spot for the jackal, given that they’re emblematic of wisdom in the Egyptian pantheon. And I ❤ the other two, because too often people don't care about the ugly ones, but they're still beautiful in a way and always fascinating. 🙂

    • Wildlife TV says:

      Thank you!
      I love to take photos, there is something magical about being able to capture a specific time and space on a static image and be able to look at it later and revive it over and over again.

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