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Adam Sandler attacked by cheetah in South Africa

on July 13, 2013

Just a couple of days ago we had in the news the story about how an impala jumped into a tourist car in the Kruger National Park while trying to escape two cheetahs chasing it.

Today another news story involving cheetahs but this time with a famous Hollywood actor, Adam Sandler.

It seems that Mr. Sandler went on a South African safari and got to interact with cheetahs. Bare in mind that this is not the normal safari experience. Wild animals don’t like to be disturbed when they are just trying to survive and human interaction usually brings unnecessary additional stress that can damage their health. Unfortunately some places have either captive animals or tamed or semi-tamed animals that can be “exploited” to bring more tourists. Who wouldn’t want to pet and interact with a wild big cat right?
Wild animals will always display wild behaviours, whether we want it or not.

In this case you can watch on the video, first the introduction to what happened on the Letterman show, and then the actual video of the incident showing how the cheetah first circles Mr. Sandler and then jumps to his back. It is not in any way a vicious predator attack, it looks like a playful move from a big (probably tamed) cat wanting to have some fun. Of course that I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be scary to have a cheetah jumping on top of you. Cheetahs are the only felines that cannot retract their claws, this means that even if the animal was just playing, it could very easily make a nasty “scratch” (plus a traumatic experience).


Check out the video of Adam Sandler on the David Letterman show explaining what happened and the actual footage with the cheetah at the end.



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