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What perfume to wear on an African safari

Imagine you are planning on spending your next big holiday on an amazing African wildlife reserve. You book the lodge, purchase the plane tickets and arrange all the transportation. You are super excited about going on as many game drives as you can and really experiencing a full African safari with the sunrises and sunsets, dozens of wild species and the entire culture about living in the bush.

You inform yourself about what clothes to wear, items to bring and important health care considerations of which to be aware.

You can find dozens of websites with relevant information on any of those topics but what about perfumes? There isn’t much information around about what fragrance you should wear for the best African safari of your life.

Many wild animals, especially mammals, have a very good sense of smell and are able to detect a lot about you before you even notice them. They can use that to their advantage, either to escape predators or to hunt prey so it makes sense that different artificial smells can cause different reactions in animals.

The Wildlife Conservancy Society found out that Calvin Klein’sObsession for Men” drives all sorts of feline species crazy, whether we are talking about African species such as the lion, leopard or cheetah, Asian species like the tiger and the snow leopard or even American species such as the puma, jaguar and ocelot.

Scientists are using Calvin Klein’s perfume to lure wild big cats towards motion sensitive camera traps that photograph the animals as they approach to investigate.

So next time you go on an African safari and you desperately want to attract a lion or a leopard for a good photo shoot you can always consider spraying a bit of “Obsession for Men” on yourself.

I can’t promise that the big cats won’t try to get a bit too close though…

Take care!




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